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First start guide

    Follow these steps to get started with TeltoCharge in a correct way:
    Step Number Description Suggestions Links
    1 Connect wires Different wire connections can be found in installation manual. Electrical wiring diagrams
    2 Pair Pairing code is the last six digits of your installer code which can be found on sticker.
    Note: you have to pair to your device in first 5 minutes after turning power on. After 5 minutes, to pair - you will need to reboot the charger.
    Full process is here
    3 Finish set-up Choose: currency for electricity price, authorization, add NFC tags if necessary.
    4 Update device to the latest FW After pairing, choose your device in menu and baloon might suggest you to update firmware version, please be patient. How to update
    5 Go to installer menu Go to settings, choose installer menu. To access it, please use your full 9 digits installer code. Full process is here
    6 Configure your TeltoCharge To achieve maximum charger power, choose all electrical and functional configurations and press Save in the end. You can use suggested configurations below: Functionality descriptions
    Additional Suggested configurations Here you can see suggested configurations by your product power to achieve maximum TeltoCharge power.

    7.4 kW
    11 kW
    22 kW